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About Exam Supervision

- Through an interface with the Campus Management System, corresponding support sessions are automatically created in the WebApp for all exams. The examiner receives an overview of all support sessions assigned to them. Upon logging into the system, students are shown the module name of the corresponding exam.
  Note: Support sessions are available for all exams (according to the exam schedule in the Campus Management System) as a standard. It is up to the examiner to utilize this and communicate it to the students beforehand.

- The WebApp provides the examiner with randomly captured images of the students in a tile view in a browser dashboard (no installation required).
- The images are transmitted via the students' smartphone cameras at random intervals (accessed through a website, no installation required).
  Note: These images are not stored. However, if there is suspicion of cheating, the examiner can activate storage on a secure server at TH Wildau via a button. These recordings are only accessible to the examination committee and the system admin.

- For each student, an automatic log is stored on a secure server at TH Wildau containing information about the login time, breaks, any suspicion of cheating, and the logout time. Access is only available to the examiner and the system admin.
- At the beginning of the support session, an identification phase takes place with a live stream and acknowledgment of various explanations.
  Note: It is recommended to start the identification process at least 30 minutes before the exam. During this process, identity documents are verified with the examiner as well as the surroundings in the students' workspace, and are cleared via button press. A sketch/instructions for positioning the smartphone are also provided.
- Breaks and terminations can be carried out via buttons in the WebApp through a dialog process.
- Providing contact options, such as through a concurrent BigBlueButton or Webex session, is recommended to enable intermittent communication between the examiner and the students.